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Easy-to-follow trading robots designed to help you grow your investment in the forex market


Our bots are everything you need to start trading more profitably! Coded by highly-experienced industry professionals to place high probability trades in the markets with precision, our robots are the simplest and most convenient way to trade on autopilot



What is an automated trading robot?

If you have never heard of automated trading then you are probably very confused. To understand the concept is quite simple and easy. Trading on the forex markets consists of buying and selling things like currency pairs and commodities. To be a profitable trader you have to have knowledge of the markets and to be able to spot the patterns that are frequently present. This is where our automated system comes in. It does all of this for you taking out the hard part. Leaving the pleasantry of enjoying the profits to you.

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Our software is the direct outcome of years of experience. That is why there is no complication or confusions when you use AlgoCapitalFX . We believe in simplicity and our services can easily be used by novice investors with no trading experience.


We are all about delivering an automated trading experience leaving the money-making hands free.


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Our employees work hard to ensure all our customers are satisfied and if they have any issues we`re always there to help out.


Our software is designed from seeing what works and what doesn't, offering you trading strategies that are profitable in every single market condition whether you are a professional trader or a beginner.

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AlgoCapital offers immediate, unlimited access to markets and provides investors with open and reliable trading services. We will provide you with precise forex signals and powerful output in a secure and fully automated trading environment, whether you are an experienced trader or a novice with zero trading experience.

We're all about providing all of our customers with an optimal automated experience, making their trading decisions and executions as smooth as possible.

Powered by Artificial Intelligence, our EAs are efficient trading tools that eliminate all of the guesswork for you and help you scale profitably. They help you control risks and offer you superior strategies during trading. With our sophisticated EAs, you can confidently guard your trading positions even when you are away from the computer.


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I`ve never tried trading before because I thought it was too complicated but when my grandson showed me this I had to try it and I'm glad I did

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I've been trading for about 5 years. when I found out about AlgoCapitalFX I was sceptical at first but I gave it a try. since then I've been trading using their bot.

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I was studying business and economics at university and it was tough since I hadn't come from the wealthiest background. I can honestly say this bot has changed my life.